Java Components



Moss is a collection of Java (both J2SE and J2EE) libraries and components I have written over the years. I have tried to keep things as modular as possible, and keep components logically separated with a minimum of inter-dependencies.

The J2SE libraries are dual licensed under the GPL license and a commercial license. If you wish to include these libraries in an open source GPL (or compatible) project, you are free to do so. If you wish to use these libraries in a commercial (or non-GPL) project, you must purchase a license.

The J2EE components are released using a similar approach, but due to the way web application tags and filters are used, the license terms are a little bit different. (A filter is not really linked to the web application, and thus the GPL would not really do any good in this case). J2EE components are available for use without charge for personal and non-profit use. For commercial use, you must purchase a license.